I'm a free-spirited kind of girl with a son that is the light of my life. We have the most adorable white furball puppy that sleeps at the foot of my bed. I'm a daughter, a sister and the coolest aunt on the planet. I tend to be a bit quirky at times with an attitude of "I can do that!"  I love late night pb&j's, margaritas with the most amazing friends on earth, and the feel of the hot Atlantic sand between my toes. Thunderstorms excite me. Global warming scares me. Photography fuels me. You'll find me awake well past midnight most nights, with my brain whirring around my next project. I've learned how to find enlightenment in my life. At "almost 40" I finally know who I am and I like me.

Born in Chicagoland, I migrated to Central Florida in the early 90's
without a clue of who I was or what I was going to do. I've been behind
the lens since my early teens and my camera has become a
permanent fixture, my life has become my canvas. I've been perfecting
my art for over 20 years and have met the most amazing people who
have allowed me to share their stories on film.

It is those people and my family who I must thank for their never ending
encouragement and support, their love and friendship. Without them,
I would not be me.

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A creative interpretation of the world through the lens of my camera...